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Maryland Cerakote


Maryland Cerakote

Paul came to me looking for small business branding and a website. For a family owned and Cerakote certified company with lots of patriotism, I knew we needed a bold and definitive logo.

We started with a few basics – the Maryland flag and the colors associated with it. I decided to work on a few concepts, one in particular was inspired by a shield. I looked at tons of sports and collegiate branding as well as military unit patches. These sources of inspiration came from the sense of teamwork that Paul’s business embodies. His family all plays a role and they are proud of their excellent craftsmanship.

Cerakote is the most durable coating out there, for use on guns and weapons, personal object, and more. We wanted to make sure the durability and toughness of this material and the methods and expertise required to perform the craft were also well represented in the aesthetic style of the brand and website.