The Huffer Foundation is a charitable grantmaking organization. Their new website presents the various focus areas that they provide grants for and explains their values, purpose, and interests in a defined and explorative manner.

The Huffer Foundation’s existing website was very simple and basic before we met. We wanted to introduce the possibility of growth and an increased depth in content. We collected data from the grants they’ve written in the past few years and used that as a jumping off point.

The new website offers information geared at grantseekers. We provide examples of the types of organizations that have received grants from The Huffer Foundation in the past, describe the focus areas that grants are available to, and direct them to next steps in the process of applying for a grant. 

The Huffer Foundation already had a simple brand, so I refreshed their logo and color palette, and brought these details throughout the new site. Paired with curated photography, the site is inviting yet informative.


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